The Chairman (also Chair, or Chairperson) – as in any meeting – plays a crucial role in keeping everyone on the agenda and to timing. The Chairman controls the meeting.

Before The Meeting

If you are in a Club where the Chairman prepares the agenda –
you will need to get the contact details of people on the roster for the meeting, confirm with each person that they will be at the meeting. Work with the VPE to fill any vacant roles. When a full agenda is confirmed – prepare the meeting agenda.

If you are in a Club where the VPE prepares the agenda –
Check the agenda with the V.P.E. before the meeting, announce any changes.

During the Meeting

Introduce each role as per the agenda.

After each assignment is completed acknowledge with a thank you. The Chairman does not comment on the content or performance of an assignment which is part of the General Evaluator’s role.

It is encouraging to acknowledge a first timer in a role with an extra, special acknowledgement and clap.

Ensure the meeting is running to time and work with the timer to adjust times as necessary to complete the meeting on time.

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