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How do we process new members?

There are 2 ways to process new member applications.

Method 1 - Do it online with a credit card

The easiest way to add new members is do it online by going to the TI Members website, login and go to Club Central to do business for your club. Complete the new member's details in the online form and then complete the transaction by having the cost debited to the club's or a member's Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit card.

You will receive an email confirmation of the payment. Please forward this email on to the District 70 Returns Officer so that District 70 can organise advance posting of the new member kit.

Method 2 - Do it using post or fax and a credit card

A New Member Form 400 must be used. You can download and print a Form 400 here.

A club can submit payment for each new member by asking for the cost to be debited to a member's Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit card. (The Form 400 has space for this credit card information.) If using the new member's credit card, have the member pay the remainder of the Club's normal joining fee separately to the club. If using a club officer's credit card, the club should arrange reimbursement when the officer's credit card statement is received. Ensure you provide the name as it appears on the card, the card number and the card's expiry date. When completed, you have 3 options

  1. Fax the Form 400 (both pages) directly to Toastmasters International at 0015 1 949 858 1207.
  2. Post the Form 400 directly to Toastmasters International P.O. Box 9052 Mission Viejo, CA, 92690, U.S.A.
  3. Fax or post the form to the District 70 Membership Returns Officer. The Membership Returns Officer will check the form for completeness and then forward it to TI together with forms from other clubs. Send to Membership Returns Officer 113 Manning Road Woollahra, NSW 2025 (Fax 9327 6103)

How do we process Semi Annual renewals?

In early March and early September, Club officers will receive an email advising that their club's dues renewal membership list is available on the Toastmasters International website.

After receiving the notification, Clubs can pay dues renewals online using a credit or debit card. To make the renewal, go to the TI Members website, login and go to Club Central to do business for your club. WHQ accepts MasterCard, VISA, American Express and Discover. WHQ also accepts check/debit cards that have a MasterCard or VISA insignia. Once into the renewal page, select the renewals only option, check the box for each member renewing and then proceed and complete the payment details. The club will receive an email receipt confirmation and the credit card and renewals will be processed immediately.

Please Note: Maximum Renewal Payments are due at Toastmasters International, by 1st April or 1st October respectively, but must be received there no later than the 10th of the month if credit is to be received for on-time submission. In order to remain an active club, a minimum of 6 Members must be renewed.

After completing an online renewal you will receive a confirmation email listing the members who have been renewed. Please forward this email on to the District 70 Returns Officer so that District 70 has confirmation of the renewals.

When and how should we hold Club Officer elections?

Club elections must be held at the first meeting in May each year. A Nominating Committee should be appointed to approach Club members for each role. The Immediate Past President is a good choice to chair that committee. The committee should encourage suitable active members to stand. The committee should present a report to the last meeting in April.

Elections should be run according to Renton's Guide for Meetings (see Chapter 3.25) and not in accordance with the information in the President's handbook (since that information is based on Robert's Rules of Order). They are normally conducted by the current President. In summary;

  • Start with the President and work down.
  • For each Office, take the Nominating Committee's nomination(s) and call for further nominations (normally 3 times) and then declare nominations closed.
  • If you get 2 or more nominations for an office, stop and conduct a secret ballot.
  • With only one nomination, put that to a voice vote and declare the person elected if the majority agree.
  • Proceed to the next Office and repeat the procedure.

What do we do after our Club elections?

You need to separately advise different details to TI and to District 70 within 14 days of your Club Elections.

1. For TI, either

  1. Enter and submit all details online through the TI Members website, login and go to Club Central to do business for your club. This is a simple process, only involving the selection of a member for each office from a drop-down list of members. No contact details need to be entered, since these are already on file for each member. Or
  2. Complete the Club and Officer Information form and send it to, TOASTMASTERS INTERNATIONAL P.O. Box 9052 Mission Viejo, CA, 92690, U.S.A. FAX: 0015 1 949 858 1207

2. For District 70, either

  1. Enter and submit all details on line through the Directory Form, Or
  2. Print and complete the District 70 Directory Form and return it to, The District 70 Directory Officer P.O. Box 438 Randwick NSW, 2031

What do we do after replacing an Officer?

Go to the TI Members website, login and go to Club Central to do business for your club and select the replacement member for the role in the Club Officer Assignments section.

If it is the President or V.P. Education, then also send an email with the same details to the District 70 Directory Officer.

What if we change our venue or other meeting details?

Go to the TI Members website, login and go to Club Central to do business for your club and update the details in the Club's Meeting Time / Location page.

As well, send an email nominating the change to the District 70 Directory Officer.

How do we change our Club contact details on this District website and in the District Directory?

Send an email nominating the changes to the District 70 Directory Officer.

How do we change our Club's mailing address as used by TI?

When you record your club's new officers for a new term, you have the opportunity to nominate a mailing address for the year. This may be an officer's personal address or a Post Office Box. If you need to change this address mid-term, go to the TI Members website, login and go to Club Central to do business for your club and make the change there.

Where do we send CC, AC, CL, AL and DTM applications?


Go to the TI Members website, login and go to Club Central to do business for your club and complete an application online. Members cannot submit their own applications, but Club VPEs or other officers can do so on their behalf, verifying the validity of the award in the process. If the VPE is applying for the award for themselves, another club officer [excluding the Sergeant at Arms] must submit the application.

If you have a query about an award application, email World Headquarters.

When and how should we conduct our Speech Contests?

Clubs should hold their Table Topics and Humorous Speech Contests between June and August. Club International Speech Contests and Evaluation Contests should be held between November and February.

Note: In all cases, it is important that the Contests are held before the date set for the Area Contest. Contact your Area Governor to check that date.

It is a District recommendation that judges for Contests at Club level should be selected from within the Club in order to provide training in contest judging for members. Normally all Club members not entering the contest or acting as an official should be scheduled to judge. Your Area Governor or an experienced Toastmaster should be appointed as Chief Judge. The briefing by the Chief Judge is very important, because this is normally the first experience of judging that many members will have. Club Contests are the first step in the training of members to eventually judge outside their Clubs at higher levels.

Finally, ensure that you have any perpetual trophies returned and obtain certificates and personal trophies in good time. Where can I buy trophies and certificates for my club contest? : From District Supplies.

Where do we register new club officers elected for 2012/13

Register with District 70
New club officer information can be sent through to District 70 on an online form or offline using the pdf version and mail to The District 70 Directory Officer P.O. Box 438 Randwick NSW, 2031.

Register with TI
Enter and submit all details online through the TI Members website, login and go to Club Central to do business for your club.

Offline - complete the club info form and mail to TOASTMASTERS INTERNATIONAL P.O. Box 9052 Mission Viejo, CA, 92690, U.S.A. FAX: 0015 1 949 858 1207

What do we do with Proxies for the International Convention?

In the past clubs would receive a postcard proxy form each March for the Toastmasters International Annual Business Meeting. The official proxy notification is sent by email to current club Presidents. On receipt of the notification, go to the TI Members website, login and go to Club Central to do business for your club where you can enter the proxy number advised to you and assign your club's proxy to a Club member who is attending the Convention, to a member of another club or to the District Governor.

How do we order from Toastmasters Supplies Australia?

See the Toastmasters Supplies Australia site as well the page featuring the range of District trophies.

How do we order supplies from Toastmasters International?

The easiest way is to order through TI's online shop.

How do we submit something to the District 70 Newsletters?

District 70 News is our newsletter that reports on activities that have taken place in the District. The Editor welcomes welcomes articles, letters, photographs or even short pars about Toastmasters activities and people. Prepare the information and save it in Rich Text Format (that is as an .RTF file). Then attach it to an email and send to the District 70 News Editor.

Can a club terminate an individual's membership and if so, how do we go about it?

See this TI summary of Discipline and Termination policies and procedures.

How does a member/officer advise Toastmasters International about a change of mailing address?

Members and Club or District Officers can record a personal change of address or other contact details online at this TI page. This is where a member can check and change their profile, but it requires the member to log in with their member number and password.

Club Officers can also update a member's address or other contact details online. To do this, go to the TI Members website, login and go to Club Central to do business for your club and choose View/Update my Club's Membership Roster. There are 2 options. Edit Address or Edit other Contact Information. Alternatively, send an email to Click here to send an email.

Who do we contact at Toastmasters International about different matters?

If you have questions or need help from World Headquarters, use the appropriate email link on this TI contact page.

How do we go about starting a new Toastmasters Club?

Read this TI guide on building new Toastmasters Clubs. An Application to Organise form can be found in that guide. After studying these, email the Lt. Governor Marketing to advise details of your proposed project and to ascertain what assistance District can provide.

Does District 70 have policies in place in regard to the operation of the District?

The District operates under the Toastmasters International District Administrative Bylaws and has adopted further ongoing polices to govern its operation. These consist of resolutions passed by the District Council. They are collected together in a document known as the Continuing Motions. This document is also included in the Agenda and Report book for the 2 meetings of the District Council held each year.

What should be done when a Toastmasters Club decides to cease operating?

Download and complete this Toastmasters Suspended Club Resolution. Also email the Lt. Governor Marketing to advise details of your proposed action.

Do Toastmasters Clubs in Australia have Public Liability cover?

District 70 has a $20,000,000 public liability policy that covers official District and Club functions. You can find the Certificate of Currency here.

Do Toastmasters Clubs have to register for GST?

No. As a non-profit body with a turnover of less than $150,000 per annum, there is no requirement for a Toastmasters Club to register for GST and Clubs should not do so. Thus GST should not be charged on items like fees. However, Clubs cannot recover any GST charged on purchases such as meals or room rent.

Are Toastmasters Clubs exempt from income tax?

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) has traditionally ruled that Toastmasters Clubs are exempt from income tax under paragraph 23(e) of the Income Tax Assessment Act. The exemption under paragraph 23(e) is because a Toastmasters Club is defined as a public educational institution operating as a non-profit organisation. However, clubs must adopt a special Bylaw to guarantee this status (see next question)

What changes must Clubs make in Australia to the standard Club Bylaws?

Article XI, Sec.2 of the standard Toastmasters Club Constitution does not comply with Australian tax laws. For Clubs in Australia to maintain their non-profit status and maintain their income tax exemption, each Club must adopt the following amendment to its Club Bylaws.

Article VIII

In the event of dissolution of this Club, the distribution of the Club's remaining funds under Article XI, Section 2, of this Club's Constitution shall be made by contribution to another Australian Toastmasters Club or Australian Toastmasters District.

Also Clubs should modify Article VI, Rules of Order to insert Renton's Guide for Meetings as their authority for meeting procedure.

All changes to a Club's Bylaws should be recorded in the TI Members website. (Login and go to Club Central to do business for your club.) Your currently adopted Bylaws can be viewed there provided that previous Club Officers have updated them in the past.

Does a Toastmasters Club need an ABN?

The Australian Business Number (ABN) is the single identifier that businesses and non-profit organisations use to deal with the ATO and other organisations. A Toastmasters Club is an entity carrying on an enterprise and as such can register for an ABN. To paraphrase the ATO information, the fact that activities of a Club are limited to supplying educational services to members of the Club does not prevent those activities being regarded as being in the form of a business.

Although Toastmasters Clubs are not registered for GST and are income tax exempt, many do find it necessary to have an ABN to facilitate conduct of their affairs. For example an ABN is necessary for a club to register a club.org.au domain name for a Club website. An ABN is also required when a Club has to raise invoices in cases such as;

  • For members whose fees are paid by their employers.

  • For Speechcraft students whose fees are paid by their employers

  • Clubs that are also sub-Clubs of venues such as RSL or Catholic Clubs and who receive grants from their host body

  • Clubs that receive a grant from a local government or other organisation.

In all these cases, it is much easier for the paying body to provide the funds if they receive an invoice quoting an ABN. Otherwise they are required to withhold 48.5% of the payment unless they can be satisfied that the whole of the payment is exempt income. While it is, experience has shown that it is very hard for Clubs to satisfactorily prove this. Quoting an ABN removes all difficulties. It is important to note though that such invoices are not TAX INVOICES and should not be called such. A Tax Invoice is one that includes a GST component and Toastmasters Clubs do not charge GST.

You can check this ABN look up page to see if your club already has an ABN.

How does a Toastmasters Club obtain an ABN?

A Club register for an ABN on the Internet.

In completing the Australian Business Register online form, select the following answers;

For taxation purposes - Company, Partnership or Other Organisation
Type of organisation - Other unincorporated entity
Resident of Australia for tax purposes - Yes
Exempt for income tax purposes - Yes
Non-profit organisation - Yes
Registration for other options such as Deductible gift recipient - No to all

You will be asked to supply the name, date of birth, Tax File Number and contact details of at least one officer, known as the Other Incorporated Entity's Associated Individual, normally the person lodging the application. Don't nominate further associated individuals such as other club officers unless you have all their personal details as well. However, lodging the details of 2 or more officers will assist if the club's details need to be changed as members move on.

You must also nominate a place of business that is not a Post Office box, again normally the address of the person making the application. There is no obligation on any nominated members. It is just a case of showing that a real person known to the ATO is making the registration.

Reason for application - Other circumstances, explaining why you want an ABN
Main industry - Education and training
Main activity - Providing training in communication and leadership skills

Because Toastmasters Clubs do not employ people, engage contractors or do any other activity that may cause a PAYG obligation to arise, there is no need for a Club to submit either a tax return or an Instalment Activity Statement (IAS) after you receive an ABN.

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