The President of a Toastmasters club is responsible for ensuring the Club Officers work as a team to develop a club in which members can achieve their goals.

The Club Leadership Handbook describes the Club Officer roles and how to fulfil them.

The Role of President

The President is expected to attend Club Officer Training and to encourage all Club Officers to attend. A minimum of 4 Club Officers must attend each session of Club Leadership training to receive the DCP points.

The President also encourages Club Officers to plan for their successors and to encourage club members to attend training.

The other roles of the President are:

  • Ensure the Club meets Toastmasters standards – including complying with branding and the Club Constitution and ByLaws.
  • Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the club with the Club executive.
  • Manage the club’s distinguished club plan to ensure the highest level can be attained within the DCP.
  • Encourage participation and acknowledge achievement within the Communication and Leadership awards. This is particularly relevant as members reach CC and CL levels to help them progress into the Advanced manuals.
  • Oversee the club membership initiatives within the club and inspire all members to participate.
  • Attend the District Council meeting with the VPE or assign proxies.
  • Prepare a succession plan for the Club Executive to groom members to move into leadership roles and progress their Toastmaster’s careers.

The President is the role members see at the meeting open and close. Presidents play an important role in setting the tone of the meeting and keeping members informed.

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