The Secretary faces the same expectations of the Secretary in any organisation. The main responsibilities include record keeping and correspondence.

Records to be Kept

The Secretary keeps a record of all club business – including minutes of executive meetings, records of attendance, membership records, records of achievements, and records of any correspondence with District 70 or Toastmasters International.

The Club Leadership Handbook describes the Secretary role in detail.

Expectations of the Secretary

The secretary is expected to attend Club Leadership training and handle all correspondence generally and between the Club and District and the Club and TI.

The secretary is expected to keep all club files accurate and up-to-date, including submitting Club officer lists and changes to World Headquarters within 10 days.

The Secretary is responsible for ensuring all visitors sign a visitor’s book as a record of attendance and all members sign in when they attend.

Download foreign language versions of the manual When You are the Secretary: (French Version) (Chinese Traditional Version)

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