Sergeant At Arms

The Sergeant At Arms is responsible for keeping and maintaining club property. This includes setting up the meeting room before meetings and welcoming everyone to each meeting.

The Club Leadership Handbook describes the Sergeant At Arms role.

Sergeant At Arms Responsibilities

As with every Club Officer the Sergeant at Arms is expected to attend Club Officer training.

The Sergeant at Arms keeps meeting and club equipment organised, in adequate supply and available for each meeting.

Meeting Preparation

  • Arrange the room and equipment at least 10 minutes before the meeting begins. Earlier is better so you are free to greet guests and members.
  • Make sure the lectern is in place, and the banner displayed.
  • Organise place cards and badges as appropriate.
  • Put the visitor book out for visitor’s to sign.
  • Greet members and guests and arrange for guests to sit with members.
  • The Sergeant At Arms calls the meeting to order strictly on the advertised start time.

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