Vice President Education (VPE)

The VPE of the club oversees the achievement and educational levels within the club.

The VPE is critical to member and therefore club achievements. That is crucial to having satisfied members, a healthy club growth and a Distinguished Club in the DCP.

The Club Leadership Manual describes the VPE role.

VPE Responsibiities

  • Plan club meetings, schedule meeting assignments and encourage members to achieve communication and leadership goals
  • Orient new members to the Toastmasters program within two meetings after they join.
  • Assign every new member a mentor.
  • Attend district council meetings and vote the club’s proxy.
  • Ensure the Successful Club Series, Moments of Truth, Mentoring and Finding New Members, and Evaluate to Motivate are conducted at least once every year.
  • Initial Speakers’ Project Completion Records and ensure eligible members fill out their award applications.
  • Preside over the meeting when the president is absent.

Member Participation

Ensure new members are assigned a date for their Ice Breaker speech within four meetings after joining and a role within three meetings.

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