Club Quality Audit

Toastmasters Club Quality Audit

The 36 Service Standards a Club needs to meet in order to conduct Quality Meetings and to fulfill it’s mission
(Based on the Toastmasters Moments of Truth module)

First Impressions Fellowship and Variety Membership Strength
  • Are guests greeted warmly and introduced to Officers and members?
  • Is the guest book displayed and are name tags provided for visitors?
  • Is the room set up with agendas and ballots distributed and lectern, gavel, timer and banner in place?
  • Is the meeting venue conveniently located, accessible and user friendly?
  • Are guests encouraged to participate and comment at the end of the meeting?
  • Are guests invited to join on their first visit?
  • Do members greet guests and make them feel welcome?
  • Are enjoyable and educational programs planned with exciting themes?
  • Does the Club enjoy regularly scheduled social events?
  • Are club members encouraged to attend Area and District events?
  • Are inter-club events encouraged including joint meetings and forums?
  • Is a Club newsletter/bulletin issued on a regular basis and presented in a lively format?
  • Does the Club actively work to maintain a minimum of 20 or more members?
  • Are members retained, indicating individual members are satisfied and involved with the club?
  • Is the Club actively promoted in the community or within the organisation?
  • Are varied and exciting programs planned to stimulate growth and club development?
  • Are sponsors of new members recognised?
  • Does the Club organise regular membership building programs?

New Member Orientation Program Planning Recognise Achievements
  • Are new members given a formal induction and presented with a pin, manual, etc.?
  • Are new members assigned a coach/mentor for one-on-one assistance?
  • Are new members briefed on how the educational program helps develop speaking and leadership skills?
  • Is there a survey of each new member’s learning needs?
  • Are new members assigned a speaking role as soon as possible?
  • Are new members encouraged on an ongoing basis to participate regularly?
  • Is the agenda published for 2 meetings in advance and sent to all members?
  • Are members ready and prepared to carry out their program assignments?
  • Are all speeches manual speeches from the Basic and Advanced C & L manuals?
  • Are creative table-topics and exciting theme programs featured?
  • Are the evaluations positive and helpful and based upon project objectives and the speaker’s learning needs?
  • Do the meetings Start, Keep and End on Time?
  • Are all educational award applications sent immediately to World Headquarters?
  • Is a Member Progress Chart posted and displayed at every meeting?
  • Does the Club formally recognise member educational achievements?
  • Does the Club acknowledge and utilise past and present Club and District leaders?
  • Are member and Club achievements publicised?
  • Is the Distinguished Club Plan used for both planning and recognition?
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