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Resources to ensure the successful running of a Speech Contest

Organising a Speech Contest

The first step in organising a Speech Contest is to refer to the Toastmasters International Speech Contest Rulebook. The rulebook covers the four contests in District 70 –

  • The International Speech Contest
  • The Evaluation Contest
  • The Humorous Speech Contest
  • The Table Topics Contest

Every club should have a TI Speech Contest Rulebook included with their Club resource materials.

The second step is to determine what roles need to be filled for the contest.

Every contest requires a contest chair, chief judge, judges, a tiebreaking judge, counters and timers.  The contest chair may appoint a contest toastmaster for the contest itself.  Both the Evaluation and Table Topics contests  require at least two Sergeants-At-Arms.

The Speech Contest Rulebook explains these roles.

The third step is to ensure you have all the documents required to run a speech contest.

Contest Materials

Full digital contest kits are available from Toastmasters International for the:

You will need the following,

Plus the following, all available from Toastmasters Supplies Australia. You can purchase a contest kit from there, which includes all the certificates and forms you need. In addition, the documents can be downloaded for free by Toastmasters members.

Other Contest Support Material

A full list of frequently asked questions about speech contests and eligibility is available at speech contest FAQs

An outline of the International Speech Contest Structure and Responsibilities of those involved in the key roles.

Checklist for Club Speech Contests
Checklist for Area and Division Speech Contests

Tips for running a successful Area/Division Speech Contest – Notes from an educational session that cover the key little points that are not included in the TI publications

Area and Division Speech Contest Financial Guidelines

Contest Finances and Preparing a Contest Budget
Contest Budget in PDF and  download in Excel.
Contest Budget Actual form in pdf and download in excel.

Click here for how to claim expenses for Division Governors.

Click here for how to claim expenses for Area Governors.

Claim Form in PDF and Claim Form in Excel

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