Division Director

The role of the Division Director

Toastmasters clubs are grouped into Areas and Areas into Divisions. District 70 is currently made up of 10 Divisions, each lead by a Division Director.

The allocation of Clubs to Areas and Areas to Divisions is made by the District Council each May for the following term.

The Distinguished Division Program

As with clubs and areas, there is a distinguished program for divisions. Please see here for information on  Division Director Training and the Distinguished Division Program.

Please refer to information on the office of Division Director and conducting Division Council Meetings.

The division director coordinates activities within the divisions, sets division goals and assists with the area and club officer training to ensure that each club achieves its mission and fulfils its responsibilities to its members. Measurement of the success of these activities falls within the Distinguished Club Program.

Claiming Expenses

Click here for how to claim expenses – a guide for Division Directors on how and what to claim including all forms required.

District Email Addresses

Click here for the D70 Email Guide – including how to set up and use your District email address.

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