The District Executive is headed by The Trio and made up of a number of District Officers including the PR Officer, Treasurer, Secretary, Division Governors and Area Governors.

The Trio

The head of the trio is the District Governor who is responsible for leading the district team and setting the tone and direction for the District.

The other two positions within the trio are the:

  • Lieutenant Governor of Education and Training who is responsible for all aspects of education and training within the district
  • Lieutenant Governor of Marketing who is responsible for the growth activities required for the District to achieve Distinguished District status.

    Public Relations (PR) Officer

    The PR Officer is responsible for coordinating the publicity efforts of the District.

    The Treasurer

    The Treasurer is responsible for the financial records and management of the District.

    The Secretary

    The District Secretary is responsible for maintaining accurate records of all District business.


    A detailed description of the role of Division Governor – the supervisor and supporter of Area Governors responsible for implementing District goals – and Area Governor – the direct liaison between members of the District and the District.

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