District Officer Form

This form is for personal details of District Officers ONLY. This information will be published on the District 70 website directory information (see disclaimer at the bottom of the form) This form is not to be used for club committee or club members details.

  • We need information from each District and Staff Officer so we can prepare the Directory and update the District website for the coming year. The information you provide will be shown as you tell us.
    These details are being submitted on behalf of the following Officer:
  • Please fill in your District Officer role E.G. District 70 Directory, xxxx Division Governor, Area xx Governor etc.

    Please DO NOT put simply District 70, Area Gov etc. If you are not certain please check before filling out this form.
  • List highest, including one expected to be received within a month
  • List highest, including one expected to be received within a month
  • dd-mm
  • All members of the District Executive Committee and most Staff Officers will be allocated a spam filtered District email address at our d70toastmasters.org domain. Mail to this address will be auto-forwarded to the private email address you nominate below.
    Your District 70 email address will be
    • Used by District to send timely information to you about District meetings
    • Used by Clubs to contact you
    • Listed on this District website for Clubs and members to use to contact you.
  • It is essential that you confirm that all the details shown on this form may be published in the District Directory and that your name, District office, home or mobile phone number and your email address can be placed on the District website.
    The action of clicking the Submit button below indicates your agreement to this proposed action by the District.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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