Evaluations are an important part of the Toastmasters program.

They support and help both the member being evaluated and all members in the audience to develop as speakers.

Evaluate to Motivate

The purpose of an evaluation is not to criticise or comment on the subject or speech content. It is to motivate a member to aspire to be a better speaker or leader.

That is why it is important to praise what was done well. We all need to hear what things we, or another member, have done well.  Evaluations should be encouraging and highlight good points we can take away.

It is important to highlight areas needing attention. These need to be confined to the delivery of the speech or role. They may be completely subjective and should be phrased personally – ‘this speech would have had a greater impact upon me if the speaker had used the stage area more purposefully to emphasise the main speech points.’ It is important to demonstrate how something could be improved.

Tips on effective evaluations.

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