Evaluation Record

___________________________________                                    ___________________________
Speakers Name                                                                                                Evaluator
___________________________________                                   ______________
Speech Title                                                                                                       Date
Manual assignment

The manual objectives for the speech are __________________________________________________________________________________________

The speaker’s additional personal objectives are __________________________________________________________________________________________

Areas to consider in evaluation of speech

Overall effectiveness Content Presentation Presentation
Preparation Opening Voice
(Research, rehearsal, good use of
(Clearly defined, attention getting,
led into topic)
(Volume, variety)
Speech value Body of speech Language
(Original, interesting, clear message) (Logical flow, easy to follow, structured organisation) (Appropriate to topic and audience, grammar)
Audience reception Support material Appearance
(Relevance, understanding,
(Facts, examples, illustrations, humour used to enhance speech) (Appropriate for occasion and audience)
Manual assignment Transitions Manner
(Met project objectives) (Natural, easy to follow) (Confidence, assurance, sincerity, enthusiasm)
Personal objectives Conclusion Physical
(Achieved aims) (Effective) (Gestures. body movements, eye contact, facial expressions)
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