Leadership Skills

Toastmasters is a safe place to learn leadership, develop leadership skills and grow as a leader.

Leadership skills are transferable skills of great value for life whether to advance in management roles, or in volunteer organisations, on any board, or committee.

Club Level Leadership

Leadership in Toastmasters is experienced at club level by performing different meeting roles, or holding a Club Executive role. In both not only are members of Toastmasters allowed to develop as leaders but also to develop great team leadership skills.

Going Beyond the Club

Beyond the toastmasters clubs there are District Officer roles such as Area Governor, Division Governor, through to District Governor, Lieutenant Governor of Education and Training, and Lieutenant Governor or Marketing. Beyond the District there are Region Advisor roles and International Directorships.

A diagram of this is available in the District Leadership Handbook

Every different role is an opportunity to grow and develop leadership skills. The different roles offer different experiences of leadership.

Leadership Education Stream

The leadership stream in toastmasters begins when you join Toastmasters and is outlined in the Competent Leadership manual (CL). It lists a number of projects based on the roles in Toastmasters meetings.

The next level after CL is Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB) which includes delivering educationals to the club, Advanced Leader Silver (ALS) which requires the completion of a High Performance Leadership (HPL) Project and the Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM). To achieve DTM you must have filled a District Officer role.

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