Meeting Speaker

A meeting speaker delivering a prepared speech is an important part of a Toastmasters meeting and crucial to members reaching Communications goals.

Before the Meeting

  • Plan your speech There are many different strategies for preparing a speech. Seek guidance from your mentor, VPE and speech project manual.
  • Think about whether there is anything specific you want your evaluator to watch for – outside the speech manual guidelines.
  • If you are using equipment such as a projector, a video, a flipchart – arrive early to check that what you need is in place and working.
  • Exchange your manual with your evaluator and ensure the Toastmaster has the details of your speech and speech title correct.
  • During the Meeting

    When it comes time for the prepared speeches. When called on by the Toastmaster, move to the front of the room to deliver your speech.

    Never be afraid, as a speaker, to move things in the room to enable you to present your speech in the best possible light – the lectern, a chair, ask people to move if appropriate.

    Listen intently and impartially to the evaluation of your speech. Taking careful note of any key points to consider for next time.

    After the Meeting

    Get your manual back from the evaluator. If there were any points in the evaluation you weren’t clear about – ask. If there were any points the evaluator was specifically asked to evaluate, have a conversation to discuss these.

    Make sure the VPE signs off the record of speeches in the back of your manual.

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