Club Officer Lists and Directory Information

To submit Club Officer Lists and Directory Information please go here:

District Forms – This should be done immediately after Club Executive Officer Elections. There is also information how to assign Club Proxies for the Annual Business Meeting of Toastmasters International.


The success of every Toastmasters meeting is dependent on the involvement of members. The success of every member is dependent on efficient, effective meetings!

Visitor Experience

The members make the visitor experience special by making the meeting fun and by making guests feel welcome.

Meeting Roles

Members fill the meeting roles that allow the meeting to run and all members to grow and develop. The meeting roles offer a valuable opportunity to improve public speaking and leadership skills. They also contribute and can be signed off in the Competent Leadership (CL) manual.

Self Development

Working through the Competent Communication (CC) and CL Manuals before moving onto the Advanced Manuals (AC) and Advanced Leadership levels (AL) helps you develop personally. The club also benefits by achieving awards required under the Distinguished Club Program (DCP).

Club Officer Roles

Every Toastmasters club functions because members choose to fill the Club Officer Roles that ensure meetings happen, that contests can run and that members have mentors and are achieving their goals.

Start a New Club

Starting a new club is a valuable experience and allows a greater group of people to grow their confidence and change their lives.


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