Quiz Game


1.  This activity can be used as Toastmasters table topics or an educational programme item. Not only do we learn about the rules of Parliamentary Procedure, it also reinforces the importance of listening skills.
2.  There are no winners or losers, it is not a competition.

3.  Obtain a soft ball or any soft throwing bag that will not spill drinks on tables or roll too far if the catch is missed.

4.  Cut out the 30 topics from the page. Hand out topics to leader and audience – keep handing around the room until all topics are ready for use. (Note topics include answers so no-one is made to appear dumb.)

5.  After explaining the rules, ask everyone to stand and the leader throws the ‘ball’ to any person randomly and asks a question from one of his/her squares.

6.  Catcher can either:

a     answer the question – or –

b     repeat the question while throwing the ball to another person. That person must repeat the question. (Enforces everyone to listen because no one knows who may get the ball next.)

c     After the answer is given by either the original questioner (holding the topic with answer on it and reading out the answer) or a follow on person, the receiver of the ball asks one of the questions s/he is holding, whilst throwing the ‘ball’ to another person.

7.  When any person’s squares have all been used, that person sits, so that those with questions remain standing and can be identified.

8.  Encourage discussion of answers, give examples where you can (eg, at the District Conference “amendment seconder has no right of reply” was overlooked and became a Point of Order).

9.  On completion, talk about (the Australian authority) Renton’s Guide for Meetings and how easy it is to read . Encourage follow-up learning, eg, an article in the club Newsletter could be made from this information.

Please retain my name as originator of this activity – Have fun!

Alison Lavick, DTM (9427 9494)

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