Table Topics Speaker

Table Topics offer an opportunity to practice the transferrable skill of impromptu speaking. Every day we are asked questions – Table Topics helps us to better develop well structured, succinct answers off-the-cuff.

During the Table Topics Session

  • Listen carefully to every question and answer.
  • When called on by the Table Topics Master stand, or move to the front of the room, depending on your club protocol
  • Take a deep breath to relax and give you time to structure your answer
  • Smile at the audience again relaxing you, your audience and buying extra thinking time

Delivering Your Answer

There are several techniques for delivering a Table Topics answer and these can depend on the question.

  • Past, Present, Future – where you take the audience on a chronological journey through your answer
  • PREP – point, reason, examples, point which offers a clear but simple structure to an answer

Table Topics Evaluations

At the end of the Table Topics session the evaluators deliver their reports. It is important to listen carefully to each evaluation, not just your own. Valuable insights can be gained from the evaluations of every Table Topics speaker.

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