Toastmasters is not about speaking ad nauseum. It is about delivering information within a specific time.

The Timer’s Role

The timer is responsible for timing every role and speech within a meeting according to the times specified on the meeting agenda.

The speakers in a meeting look to the timer for timing guidance as shown on the timing lights.

On The Day

You will need a brief explanation of the role of the timer to deliver when called on by the chairman.
You will also need a pen and a piece of paper to record times. Some times may be able to recorded on the agenda next to the role but things like Table Topics speakers will require you to write the name of the speaker and the time.

Before the Meeting

Test the stopwatch and timing lights. If you aren’t sure on what to do – ask a Club Officer such as the VPE, or the meeting chair.

During the Meeting

Pay careful attention to your role. Start the stopwatch and watch for the correct time to switch the lights to green, orange and red.
Record the time at the end of each role, or speech.

When called on by the meeting chair, stand or move to the front of the room depending on club protocol, to deliver your report. State the name, the role and the time taken for each.

After the Meeting

Return the timing lights as appropriate.

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