Why Join?

Good communication skills are essential at home, at work, in life generally.

Celebration and events call for speeches and toasts. Work and study can require presentations.

Toastmasters is a fun, effective and affordable way to develop communication skills and the leadership skills that can go with them. At Toastmasters, you have your own support team sharing in your development and encouraging you at every step of the way.

It Works!

Everyone joins Toastmasters for a reason. We have all been where you are now deciding whether to join Toastmasters – anxious, fearful, excited. The environment is friendly and supportive, and being self-paced, you are the only person you are competing with and measuring your progress against.

You will be praised, applauded, you will make new friends, have fun, socialise and develop skills without even realising it. AND it works!

Become a Better Speaker

Through Toastmasters, you can develop the skill and confidence to express yourself in any situation. You will learn to structure answers, to formulate and convey ideas for maximum impact. With confidence and skill you will be more persuasive and confident both when giving presentations and when communicating one-on-one.

Become a Better Leader

Not everybody wants to become a leader. Most people will be asked to take a leadership role at some time in their lives. Chairing the P & C, being part of a body corporate, or chairing a neighbourhood committee are all leadership roles.

To succeed when in a leadership role, you need to communicate, and you need to work as part of a team. In Toastmasters, you’ll do both. At Toastmasters you will get practice in using different approaches to get different results from different people and to suit different needs.

Toastmasters is a safe forum in which to practice. To practice being more confident, to practice being heard, to practice keeping a meeting on track, to practice giving and receiving feedback – to develop as a communicator and leader.

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