What to Expect

As a visitor to Toastmasters you can expect

  • To be welcomed and introduced to members of the Club
  • To introduce yourself
  • To be invited to participate but not feel obliged to
  • To experience a meeting in action

Toastmasters Meetings

Every Toastmasters meeting follows the same basic format of impromptu speaking, prepared speeches and evaluations. The structure of the agenda and inclusion of different roles can vary between individual clubs and can be dependent on timing.

You can expect to have the meeting chaired efficiently, to have every effort made to run to time and to have an agenda with assigned roles.

As a Member –

You can expect to receive two manuals upon joining – a Competent Communication (CC) manual and a Competent Leadership (CL) manual.

The CC manual has 10 speech projects that build on your public speaking skills with each clearly defined, and explained, speech project. Completion of the CC manual means you attain the level of Competent Communicator.

The CL manual outlines the roles within Toastmasters meetings and sets different tasks to achieve the level of Competent Leader.

You can expect to be assigned a mentor within your club to help you progress through your Toastmasters goals and paths.

As a Toastmaster –

You can expect to develop communication and leadership skills.

You can expect to be welcomed, supported and encouraged.

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