Top 3 Tips for Creating New Members

Top 3 Tips for Creating New Members

With just 3 weeks left in the Talk Up Toastmasters Award, let’s review my Top 3 Tips to get more members for your club.

1. Run a Speechcraft session using the materials developed by District 70 and available from the Toastmasters Australia supplies.

2. Pull together a Visitors Kit comprising:

3.¬†Invite visitors to join the club. In marketing terms, this is “Closing the Sale“!

As a bonus fourth point, to retain existing members, VPMs should phone members who have missed two or more meetings to encourage them back. Offering them a mentor to assist with their development is very effective approach.

Peter Crosby, Club Growth Director 2015/2016

The Smedley Award

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Kathleen O'Rourke