At our Annual Conference, there will be an Author's Corner on Saturday 19 May from 7.30am - 4pm.

Here are our Toastmaster Authors that will be in attendance with books to show and sell:



Blanca grew up with high traditional competitive education values along with a great desire of being wealthy. Coming from a family with financial challenges, Blanca was taught by her parents that the only way to overcome poverty was by being a great student and becoming a competitive professional to get a good job.

Having a bachelor’s degree in computer science has been a great advantage for Blanca to get good jobs. When years passed Blanca understood she could not achieve her financial freedom through a job and she quickly realised something was missing in her life.

Blanca found out that getting a good job is only good for being comfortable. You can never be truly financially free or wealthy by trading time for money. Blanca also found out that higher education like university degrees does not teach us anything about earning money or becoming wealthy.

Blanca then went on to find out that there are many types of education. Using the power of mentors, she has read dozens of business and personal development books and attended leading-edge seminars. With her extensive knowledge, passion and burning desire of success, Blanca became a successful entrepreneur and business owner. Applying all the accumulated knowledge from her mentors and her own experience, Blanca is now training, helping and educating others on how to reach their financial freedom. Blanca is helping people compress decades into days!

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Are you a business owner or an entrepreneur who’s having a tough time increasing sales, finding new clients and making enough money?
Or maybe you’re stuck in a job, doing work that you don’t love, wanting to quit it to start your own business and you don’t know where to start.
Or perhaps you’re a self-employed person who’s trading time for money, and struggling to get new clients, or you’re a student who’s yet to enter the workforce.
If you answered YES to any of the above, keep reading! you’ll be surprised to find the answers you’ve been looking for.
Have you ever wondered why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer? Or why the great students at school work for the not-too-good students?

In addition, why do so many want to be successful and wealthy but so few attain this reality?
How can we change our attitude to achieve every single goal?
With the right attitude, mindset and skillset and by establishing the right habits, everyone becomes able to achieve wealth and success.
Learn how to harness the fundamentals of wealth and success regardless of the type of business you have or you want to build, your passion or your dreams. Master them, and you’ll achieve success beyond your imagination to DO LESS and GET MORE. This book teaches you how to apply the fundamentals of wealth and success, and best of all, it guides you on how to use them NOW to become a wealthy entrepreneur.




·      Executive Officer of TODAY! Seminars and the Professional Speakers Group

·      3rd place, Semi-final 2012 Toastmasters International World Championship of Speaking


President Southern Highlands Toastmasters, and a member Canberra Advanced Toastmasters



Stephanie Giannis is a speaker, coach, author and educator.

She is the author of three books: “Fragments of Truth”, “Envision the Vision...You” and “The Alpha and The Omega”. Stephanie has also produced a number of motivational CDs and DVDs.

Stephanie is an admitted solicitor and a Justice of the Peace and she has been featured in both newspapers and on the radio. Stephanie has spoken to both small and large groups on topics such as personal development and goal-setting. She is also currently Project and Compliance manager at KAA Australia a boutique accounting firm in Sydney that specialises in Accounting, Venture Capital, Finance, Taxation and business advisory matters.

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·       Chair/Treasurer – Double Bay Networking Group, Double Bay, 2016-2018

·       President – Divine Mercy Toastmasters, 2015, 2018

·       National Speakers Association of Australia (Associate Member) – Publicity and Promotions Manager 2011 - 2012

·       Toastmasters  -  President of Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL Toastmasters from June 2013 -June 2014

·       NSW Writers Centre

·       Anytime Fitness

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Andy Hiroshi is an ordinary person with an ambitious goal. His desire is to see every individual making the right choice by choosing the right partner for marriage.

He believes that many of today’s social problems are a result of broken marriages and there is still hope for those who have yet to make the lifetime commitment.

Checklist Before Marriage, written based on surveys collected, is a guide for you to discover if you’re dating the right partner for marriage. It gives you a clear picture to help you make your own marriage decisions.

If you’re single and unattached, reading this book helps you to identify a compatible partner based on what is important to you. It prepares you for your next stage in life.

Be blessed by the amazing contents with comic illustrations showing couples’ everyday thoughts and struggles in different situations. Be inspired to be a better individual and partner to your loved one!


Frank Jordan emigrated from Kenya to Australia when he was 28 years old. He holds degrees from universities in Canada, the USA and Australia and has been, variously, a high school Economics teacher, a baker and pastrycook, a transport planner, and an economist and policy advisor with the NSW Treasury, where for ten years he was in the Senior Executive Service as ‘Director, Economic Strategy’.

He is a Distinguished Toastmaster, is currently President of his home club Oatley RSL, is a charter member of Sydney Travel and was a member of Gourmet for twenty years.

Frank started writing fiction on retirement in 2008 when he took a long trip around the outback with a mate. Mostly Bulldust, is a self-published collection of short to novella length stories inspired by that trip.

Two of the shorter stories were entered into competitions and won 1st and highly commended.

A second book of self-published short stories followed in 2017 under the title Better Read Than Said. Nearly all of the 81 stories originated as five to seven minute speeches given at Oatley RSL, Sydney Travel and/or Gourmet. At least a third of them have won District 70 speech competitions at Area or Division level. One of them was entered into a short story competition and won 1st.

Why the title? Well, despite 30 years of Toastmasters I’m a much better writer than I am a speaker.

Over the past few years I have been working intermittently on a trilogy of crime novels code-named Gasworks, Waterworks and Coalworks. The second of these, Waterworks is ‘finished’; Gasworks is half-written; and Coalworks has been scoped out. But work seems to stop every time I read a good crime writer (eg: Peter Temple, Michael Robotham or Shane Maloney) and get to realise how high the bar has been set.

Nonetheless, I have had great feedback on Mostly Bulldust and Better Read Than Said and will have them for sale at the Annual Conference at $20 a copy.

Gabriella Kovac


Gabriella Kovac Is a bestselling author on Amazon with “Georgina Holocaust Memoirs “ and an Inspirational speaker.

Gabriella was born in Hungary, just after the Second World War had drawn to a close. She lived through the Hungarian uprising against the Communist in 1956, and remembers vividly Russian tanks under their bedroom window.

Through the genius of her mother Georgina the family managed to leave to leave the Communist block and come to Australia in 1957.

Throughout her life Gabriella has been inspired  by her mother’s  amazing tenacity on outsmarting  the Nazis and the communists and winning!

Her key point presentation includes family secrets on survival and winning against all the odds.

This information is vital in today’s world.



Lincoln Naish is known for his work in the IT Security world, engaged in the science of appliance for enterprises network security, however his passion is the world of philosophy.  Lincoln Naish is the author of successful book called “THE JOURNEY”, he has created a program for emotional intelligence that helps individuals with Mindfulness-Aware Stress Reduction. The programme has grown remarkably, and it has become more and more influential with all school aged students.

A book that helps individuals develop a remarkable easy technique for mindfulness exercises.  His book extracts the knowledge from within the reader and helps the reader with gripping mindfulness meditation exercises.  The Journey compels the reader reach higher level of understanding of the past and the present.