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Apart from the invitation only Friday Masterclass, ALL OTHER EDUCATIONALS ARE FREE OF CHARGE!


4pm - 5pm - masterclass - market like a pro...

Invitation to Full Registration members

Learn what you need to know to be hired as a Pro!

Including designing speaker marketing materials, one-sheets, etc.

BONUS: Email in advance your samples for feedback during the session!


2PM - 3PM EDUCATIONAL SESSION - Sparkle When You Speak!™ by Sheryl Roush

Ready to connect better with others? More authentically? 

Want to be more engaging? Or just have more FUN speaking? 

Whether you are speaking for as brief as 5 minutes or as long as 50 minutes, to 4 people or 400, you need to enroll, engage, and educate your listeners. Based on top research from the fields of teaching, you will learn these simple adult-learning theory techniques that you will be apply in your life immediately – in speaking, training, leading, managing, interviewing, networking (and even parenting!). Take the communication skills assessment to understand your preferences, as how best to connect with 100% of your listeners, in a genuine manner! (Just watching the facilitator in action will raise your bar for presentations!)

In this lively and interactive session, you will discover how to:

 • Instantly grab and retain audience attention

 • Reach all types of listeners in any audience, and

 • Craft any type of presentation faster, more effectively and easier!



In this workshop you'll learn some of the magical things your mind is capable of.  You'll learn how to harness the weird workings of the brain so that you can memorise speeches easily.  Come ready to play, explore and harness the magic of the mind.


AFTER DINNER KEYNOTE - Sparkle-Tude™ presentation

Perfect for our conference, enjoy this light-hearted look at dealing with difficult people, situations and challenges, and FIND YOUR SPARKLE! Discover the five common types of attitude, and the seven boosters for having Sparkle-Tude™to keep a Sparkling Attitude in your life. Sheryl is the author of Sparkle-Tudes!, filled with thought-provoking, and down-right funny quotations.


9am - 9.45am  EDUCATIONAL SESSION - Accredited Speaker presentation/workshop BY SHERYL ROUSH

Toastmasters International Accredited Speaker Program is designed for professional speakers and trainers who combine expert knowledge in a particular subject with presentation mastery. This combination makes them sought-after experts in their fields. Discover how to maximize your Toastmasters membership to prepare you for the path to professional speaking.

As an Accredited Speakers, Sheryl will share how she gained insights from her journey, the lessons they learned and the benefits of having earned the distinction. Being an Accredited Speaker is a professional credential, not a competition. Every member who applies can earn it!

Learn how you can become an Accredited Speaker the first time you apply. You may even be qualified now!

10am - 10.45am  EDUCATIONAL SESSION - BY colin emerson

One of District 70's favourite and most accomplished presenters will be presenting a session on Leadership.  More details to follow.


Leadership Development – Good….Different!

What if everything we think about leadership development is different to how we know it to be?

What are the latest trends in leadership development and what does this mean to you, your business and our Toastmasters’ experience?

What’s missing in most leadership development programmes?

How can our clubs take advantage of these latest trends?

Based on a review of 42 current leadership development research papers and over 20 years of delivering ‘leadership development’ programmes nationally and internationally, this session provides an overview of how, in the past 5 years, leadership development has changed and will continue changing in the future.

With Pathways well and truly here, understanding how the leadership paradigm has changed outside of Toastmasters will enable you, and your club, to become an enabler of outstanding leadership development within your community; bringing to life the Toastmasters statement: ‘Where Leaders Are Made”.