5.00pm  Registration desk opens

5.30pm  Doors open

5.40pm  Youth Presentation

7.00pm  Candidates' Showcase

8.05pm  Official Opening, Welcome Dinner & Comedy Night

10.00pm  Close


7.30am  Registration desk & Voting Rights desk opens

7.30am Author's Corner opens

9.00am  District Council Meeting

12.00pm  Doors open for lunch

12.10pm  Awards Recognition Lunch

2.15pm  Educational - Sheryl Roush

3.15pm  Educational - Dale Rees-Bevan

4.00pm Author's Corner closes

4.15pm  Contest Briefings

4.15pm  Club Presidents meet with District Director

5.45pm  Doors open for dinner

6.00pm  International Speech Contest (allocated seating)

8.00pm  Gala Dinner & Keynote Speech

10.30pm  Dancing till Midnight


8.00am  Registration desk opens

9.00am  Educational - Sheryl Roush

10.00am  Educational - Colin Emerson

10.15am  Contest Briefings

11.15am  Doors open for lunch

11.30am  Evaluation Contest

1.05pm  Meet the Team Lunch

2.45pm  Conference close