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Toastmasters International Member Achievement Report


Rosemary Brigden - Nowra Toastmasters Club

Louise Burns - Illawarra Toastmasters Club

Elizabeth Carter - Ramsgate RSL Toastmasters Club

Angel Chen - Cabra-Vale Toastmasters Club

David Fisher - Sydney Speakers Toastmasters Club

Ben Jacob - Australian Young Professional Toastmasters Club

Ross La Rosa - Macarthur Toastmasters Club

Kaylene Ledgar - DHS Virtual Toastmasters Club

James Matterson - St George Toastmasters Club

Lorraine Moloney - City Tattersalls Toastmasters Club

Luka Musicki - THE Toastmasters Club

Claire Preston - Community Speakers Toastmasters Club

Rachel Segal - To Life L’Chaim Toastmasters Club

Jo Spiegelhauer - Thurgoona Toastmasters Club

Matthew Sutton - G.O.A. Toastmasters Club

Peter Waterman - Manuka Toastmasters Club


NEW CLUBS 2018 / 2019

Pharmacy Guild House Toastmasters (Monaro Division) Chartered 8 December

Accenture Australia Toastmasters (Central Division) Chartered 10 December

Meraki Sydney Toastmasters (Bradfield Division) Chartered 11 December

Ingram Micro Toastmasters (Central Division) Chartered 17 December

EY Canberra Toastmasters (Monaro Division) Chartered 21 December


The Triple Crown awards are earned by members who, within the Toastmaster year, earn:

  • three (or more) educational awards

  • at least one award from the Communication Track: Competent Communicator (CC), Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB), Advanced Communicator Silver (ACS), Advanced Communicator Gold (ACG)

  • at least one award from the Leadership Track: Competent Leader (CL), Advanced Leader Bronze (ALB), Advanced Leader Silver (ALS), and Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM).


TRIPLE CROWNs 2018 / 2019

Margaret Bashford

Stefano Bianchini

Rosemary Brigden

Louise Burns

Russell Eade

Leoncia Evio

Carmela Ferraro

Margrit Fisher

Gustavo German

Ross Hayes

Stephen Howard

Ben Jacob

Mike Kano-McCallum

Vincent Lam

Wenbin Liang

Hendrik Lianto

Trish Matthews

Prema Menon

Sayan Mitra

Lorraine Moloney

Luka Musicki

Susan Newton

John Paterson

Onan Pinto

Kylie Rayner

Sally Rippingale

Jill Sailer

Eileen Sargent

Aurelien Schibli

Linda Snalam

Jo Spiegelhauer

Matthew Sutton

Edelina Villegas

Val Wilkinson

Felix Yap



Ron Alexander

Angel Chen

David Egan

David Fisher

Stephanie Giannis

Kaylene Ledgar

Lorinda Logaraj

Richard Shore