Toastmasters Founder - Dr Ralph C Smedley

(1878 - 1965)


It all started when...

For more information on the history of Toastmasters International, try the TI website on the link below.


1924 - October - first meeting of a Toastmasters Club in Santa Ana, California

1932 - Toastmasters first club outside America

1957 - First Australian Toastmasters Club - Wollongong Toastmasters Club - is chartered

1973 - Membership opens to women

1985 - Helen Blanchard becomes the first female International President

2014 - First International Convention held outside North America

2015 - NSW splits into 2 Districts, District 70 and District 90

A more comprehensive history of Toastmasters in Australia will be available soon on this site. In the meantime, you can read about the history of District 70 Toastmasters on another site - click HERE.