by Gary Wilson DTM, PDG, OAM


 8. Reformation, 2013 - 2015


In recognition of this growth, the August 2012 meeting of the Board of Directors instructed District 70 to form a Reformation Committee to make a proposal to reform the District into 2 new districts.

A reformation strategy was prepared and after extensive consultation around the District, this was adopted by the District Council in November 2013 and then approved by the Board of Directors in February 2014. As part of this strategy, the Board approved the transfer of 3 Areas and 11 clubs based in Northern NSW from District 69 to District 70 effective from July 2014, increasing the number of clubs in District 70 to 313 .

From July District 70 also started operating with 2 Lt. Governors for Education & Training and 2 for Marketing, known as North and South respectively, as a prelude to the reformation. Although the District was not Distinguished in its final year, it did meet its club growth goal and finished with 324 clubs.

The reformation came into effect on 1 July 2015 with District 70 being reformed into the new District 70 with 180 clubs and new District 90 with 144 clubs.

At the same time new titles were introduced for the top 3 District officers who became the District Director, Program Quality Director and Club Growth Director respectively.

These new Districts are a tribute to the thousands of members who have passed through our Clubs in the last 50 years and who have contributed in their own ways to the growth and establishment of Toastmasters as the leading communication and leadership training organisation in New South Wales and ACT.


This history has been compiled, revised and added to over many years. Our thanks are extended to those who made their records available, contributed research, and wrote and edited the material.

In particular, thanks go to Wal Roberts, Ray Toyer, Peter Leney, John Fairman, Gary Wilson, Elizabeth Wilson and Geoff Wood.