2018-19 District Leadership Committee Report to District 70 Director

Composition of District Leadership Committee

The appointment of the District Leadership Committee (DLC) members was approved by the District Director in October 2018. One member resigned and was replaced in November 2018. The committee is comprised of:

• Chairman—Peter Crosby DTM, Immediate Past District Director

• Bradfield Division—Ashley King ACS ALB, Past Area Director

• Central Division—Joseli Munive DTM, Past Division Director

• Lachlan Division—Lorraine Freeman DTM, Past Division Director

• Monaro Division—Agnes Boskovitz DTM, Past Area Director

• Phillip Division—Philip Bendeich DTM, Past Region Advisor

• Southern Division—Ron Alexander DTM, Past Lieutenant Governor Marketing (Club Growth Director)

I thank the committee members for their professionalism, integrity and dedication to this important work in the service of District 70, its clubs and members.


Nominations were called on 2 December 2018 and the due date was extended to 31 January 2019 to allow potential candidates more time to consider applying. All candidates were required to complete a Nomination Form, Application Form, Biographical Information Form, Officer Agreement and Release Statement and provide a headshot.

Committee Deliberations

The committee went to great lengths to comply with the requirements of the Toastmasters International governing documents and other resources concerning the election of district officers. The Committee reviewed all the information provided by the candidates and interviewed them all. Each interview was conducted by a panel comprising the Chair and at least two other committee members. All panels had a mixture of male and female members and were done using Zoom or Skype video platforms. Questions were formulated and agreed upon before the interviews and all candidates for the same office were asked the same questions.

The Committee met on 2 March 2019 to consider and vote. Committee members exercised their independent judgements with respect to all prospective candidates, having in mind the best interests of Toastmasters International and District 70, as well as the experience, abilities and qualifications of the prospective candidates. The committee has determined that each nominated candidate understands the duties and responsibilities of office, is committed to fulfilling them, and has the skills and abilities necessary to perform successfully as an officer.

The district was in the unusual situation of both the elected Program Quality Director and Club Growth Director resigning. These vacancies were filled by the District Executive Committee based upon the recommendation of the District Director. The District Council meeting at the Annual Conference in May 2019 shall vote on confirming these two appointments.

After careful consideration the DLC considered there may be a small advantage due to incumbency for the two officers appointed during 2018-2019 over any other candidates for the positions of District Director and Program Quality Director in 2019-2020. The DLC decided that this would not be a factor in considering whether to nominate a candidate.

Nominated Candidates

The Committee nominates the following candidates:

Nick Rinaldi

District Director — Nick Rinaldi DTM

Toastmaster since 1989

Toastmasters offices held:

Held all club officer roles multiple times.

Club Extension Chair 2010-2017. Area 20 Governor, Area 39 Governor.

Phillip Division Governor, Lachlan Division Governor, Central Division Governor.

Lt Governor Marketing 2004-05, Lt Governor Education and Training 2005-06, District Governor 2006-07, Public Relations Manager 2015-16.

Program Quality Director, 1 November 2018 – present.

Toastmasters Honours & Recognition:

Area Governor of the Year. Distinguished Toastmaster 2003, 2012. Presidential Citation 2012. Division Director Merit Award. District Toastmaster of the Year.

Program Quality Director — Lorinda Logaraj DTM

Toastmaster since 2014

Toastmasters offices held:

Held eight club officer roles – President, VPM, VPPR, Secretary, S@A.

Area 13 Director, Bradfield Division 2016-2017, President's Distinguished.

Bradfield Division Director 2017-2018 - President's Distinguished.

Club Growth Director, 1 November 2018 – present.

Toastmasters Honours & Recognition:

Turramurra Toastmasters: Toastmaster of the Year 2015-16. Area Director Merit Award 2016-17. Division Director Merit Award 2017-18.

Club Growth Director — Kay Wood DTM

Toastmaster since 2006

Toastmasters offices held:

Held all club officer roles.

Area 2 Director twice and Area 23 Director 2018-19.

Southern Division Director 2015-16.


Toastmasters Honours & Recognition:

Merit Award for Area 2 Governor. Division Director of the Year 2015-16.

Bradfield Division Director — no nomination

Central Division Director — Suren Chandrasekera CC CL IP1

Toastmaster since 2013

Toastmasters offices held:

Professional Speakers Club: VPE 2015-16, President 2016-17, Speechcraft Coordinator 2016.

Sydney Advanced Speakers VPPR 2018-19.

Area 1 Director 2018-19.



Lachlan Division Director — Alicia Curtis DTM

Toastmaster since 2010

Toastmasters offices held:

Held ten club officer roles – President, VPE, VPM, VPPR, Treasurer, S@A.

Area 10 Director Hawkesbury Division, District 90 2017-18. Area 16 Director Bradfield Division 2015-16. Area 54 Governor Central Division 2014-15.

Hawkesbury Division Director, District 90 2018-19.

Toastmasters Honours & Recognition:

Area Director of the Year 2015-16. Area Director Merit Award District 90 2017-18. Area Director Merit Award 2014-15.

Created first open Community Toastmasters Club in Dhaka Bangladesh, now District 41.

Monaro Division Director — Estella Hutchinson DTM

Toastmaster since 2014

Toastmasters offices held:

Held eight club officer roles – President, VPE, VPPR five times, S@A.

Pathways Guide 2017.


Area N28 Director District 73, 2016-17.

Monaro Division Director 2018-19.

Club Growth Director District 73, July-Dec 2017.

Toastmasters Honours & Recognition:

District 73: Outstanding Member 2016/17.

Essendon Toastmasters: Rising Star 2014, Toastmaster of the Year 2015 and 2016.


Phillip Division Director — Lalita Devi ACS ALB IP1

Toastmaster since 2002

Toastmasters offices held:

Held all Club Officer Roles.

Area Governor - 1 year.

Contest Budget Officer - 3 years.

Claims Officer - 3 years.

Youth Leadership Program Coordinator - 2 years.

Toastmasters Honours & Recognition:

Double C Toastmasters:  Toastmaster of the Year Award - 2 years.

Founders Award - 3 years.

Area Governor Merit Award.

District Director Award for Outstanding Service and Exceptional Leadership 2017-18.

Southern Division Director — no nomination

Candidates have been informed via email that they have been nominated. They have all confirmed their willingness to be nominated and their commitment to fulfil the duties of office if elected.

Floor Candidates

Candidates who were not nominated by the DLC, and any member who meets the eligibility requirements, can now be nominated as a floor candidate by a member of the district council, for the positions of District Director, Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director or Division Director. They must submit an Officer Agreement and Release Statement and a Biographical Information Form. The names of floor candidates are not published in the DLC reports.

Next Steps

• Publish this report on the District 70 website with candidates’ photo and biographical details.

• Prepare the District Leadership Committee report for the Annual Conference Agenda and Reports Book.

• Seek floor candidates for the positions without a nominated candidate.

• Seek questions from District members to ask at the Candidates’ Showcase and prepare the final questions.

• Run the Showcase and Election.

My fellow committee members and I thank you for the opportunity to serve District 70 in this way.

Peter Crosby DTM

District Leadership Committee Chair 2018-2019

2 March 2019