It is time for Toastmasters District 70 to seek nominations for the following nine District Leader Positions for 2019-2020:

  • District Director

  • Program Quality Director (PQD)

  • Club Growth Director (CGD)

  • Six Division Directors.

It is an interesting time as members consider taking on these and other leadership roles. In previous years it has been normal practice for the member elected as CGD in a given year to be elected unopposed as PQD then District Director over the following two years. However this year both the elected PQD and CGD have resigned which has disrupted the normal flow of succession. Both these vacated positions were filled by majority vote of the District Executive Committee on 25 November 2018, based on the recommendation of the District Director.

If you meet the essential requirements for any of the nine district leader positions listed above, I encourage you to consider nominating. You may nominate someone else you think would be suitable.

As District Leadership Committee Chair, it is my role to provide advice and guidance to anyone considering running for any leadership role in 2019-2020. I have a great committee to help me with representatives of each of our divisions:

  • Bradfield: Ashley King

  • Central: Joseli Munive

  • Lachlan: Lorraine Freeman

  • Monaro: Agnes Boskovitz

  • Phillip: Philip Bendeich

  • Southern: Ron Alexander

To nominate, you need to:

The official deadline for candidates to declare their intention to run has been extended until 31 January 2019.

Applications will be reviewed and evaluated against the position's competencies. Each candidate will be interviewed by committee members, then the committee will vote on which candidates to nominate for election by the District Council. The election date is 18 May 2019.

By the way, you can also submit an application through me for any other district officer role, namely Administration Manager, Finance Manager, Public Relations Manager and Area Director. I will pass it on for consideration. 

If you have any questions or want to discuss your nomination, please don't hesitate to contact me or any member of the committee. My contact details are:

Kind regards,


Peter Crosby DTM

Immediate Past District 70 Director

District 70 Leadership Committee Chair