We are here to build brand recognition and make people aware of our brand through communication. We are here to also here to enhance District 70 clubs, Areas, Divisions and District spread the word!

Below are the channels we offer within District PR team to enhance your communications and leadership experience for everyone.

Our main method to disseminate information or PR material is through your Division and Area Directors. Please click https://www.d70toastmasters.org.au/division-directors/ to connect with them for your club needs.


District 70 PR channels of communication:

1.     Monthly Newsletter – The PR team manages this and it is emailed out to each member every first Friday. You are most welcome to send content to the PRM on prm@d70toastmasters.org.au every Friday of the month so it is included in the following month’s newsletter.

2.     District 70 website is the most resourceful PR channel and is managed by Denise Paton. It provides update, announcements, information and registration links which is critical to the operations of our District. https://www.d70toastmasters.org.au/

3.     District 70 Facebook – Toastmasters District 70 – managed by Maria German - https://www.facebook.com/groups/ToastmastersDistrict70/?ref=bookmarks. The guidelines of the Facebook page is stipulated below. It is for District 70 Toastmasters promotions ONLY. 

4.     MeetUp & Events – Mia Cong manages these two portfolios. The MeetUp channels covers Sydney CBD, Newcastle and Canberra. We will look to have a Southern pin included in our portfolio, so we can provide event advertising to the Southern part of NSW.

Events organised this year by District PR team covers scholars, your professionals, working people, senior members. The PR team is looking to support each Division Director this year with a Division-specific event. Please share your ideas with the Division Directors and they can apply for support to the PR team. The events have been scheduled on the District calendar located on the website at https://www.d70toastmasters.org.au/calender/

5.     Pathways will be a continuous change in District 70 for this year and the PR team has absorbed some responsibility to support Sebastian Sabater, Pathway team leader in communicating and disseminating information with regards to Pathways.

6.     YouTube – is the newest channel for District. This platform will provide training or speaking videos. Pathways is the most likely content which will be using this channel.

7.     Print material and pull-up banners – The printed promotional material are disseminated to the Division Directors who will cascade it to clubs on their visits. We have printed material for retired members, speechcraft, guests new to Toastmasters and newly produced booklet for existing members. Clubs can request a professional pull-up banner for your club if you meet any of the criterias below:

a.     Weak club with 15 members or below

b.     Clubs that meet in high traffic areas – RSL clubs, busy corporate lobby

8.     PR Awards for 2018/2019 are as below:

a.     Category 1: Branded Meetings – show us how you use our logo or branded material during your meetings. Send photos to the PR team by 15th March 2019.

b.     Category 2.1: Traditional media – generate TV, radio, newspaper media for your club and send it to the PR team by 15th March 2019.

c.     Category 2.2: Digital Media promote your club through the digital medial channels and send us the item by 15th March 2019.

d.     Category 3: Events – set up promotional events and send us photos, writeup or blurbs about it by 15th March 2019.


The PR team is looking for:

a)     Toastmasters who want to complete a high value High Performance Leadership project for the events team

b)    District Photographer