Our Seminars Officer Katherine Burchmore, has produced the next set of District 70 Seminars, that will be going around the District on the Seminars Roadshow.

BOOST your Club meeting to be MORE VIBRANT and INCLUSIVE.

Improve RESPECT and apply the ADVANTAGES OF DIVERSITY in your membership at the upcoming Seminar Roadshows in your Division.

Register Now:

Email:  seminars@d70toastmasters.org.au

For more information:

Katherine Burchmore 0422 766 895

Email:  seminars@d70toastmasters.org.au

Sat 10 November - 10am to 1pm

Venue: Liverpool Catholic Club

Presenter: Dale Rees-Bevan

TOPIC: “The stunning significance of shoes”

“Prepare to change perceptions, challenge your mind and turn your world upside down in this quest for personal growth. You will play games, solve problems and communicate your way into new observations."