Ramsgate RSL Memorial Club    (Venue details click here)

CommencES WEDNESday MARCH 20, 7.00m - 9.00pM

Whether you are looking to improve your prospects of promotion or have a personal special event coming up, strong communication skills are a must.

For over 70 years Toastmasters has been teaching Australians to do just that.
Ramsgate RSL Toastmasters are hosting a Practical Public Speaking course for 6 weeks from March 20th 2019.

This will give you the knowledge to build the best of speaking techniques and more importantly the supportive environment to practice your new skills and receive invaluable personalised evaluation to help you be your best.

For more information and to register please see https://1276972.toastmastersclubs.org/speechcraft.html

Organiser:  Chris Taplin 0409 469 896