City Tattersalls Club, 200 Pitt Street, Sydney    (Venue details click here)  

Commences Monday 29 JULY, 6.00 - 9.00pm

Become the Speaker and Leader you Want to Be … Speechcraft is a short course designed to teach public speaking and leadership skills.  The Speechcraft courses run in the Sydney CBD are primarily intended for employers and employees who need to quickly enhance presentation skills whilst boosting their self confidence.  These courses are run on Monday evenings over 3 hours a night for 6 consecutive weeks. Learn and practice how to effectively present a response to an impromptu question.  Prepare and present speeches over the six weeks, learn to effectively present feedback that will help develop a speaker.  Learn to effectively use Body Language and Vocal Variety so that you can connect with your audience and deliver your message.

Sessions run from Monday 29 July to Monday 2 September.

Organiser:  Nick Rinaldi, 0403 244 144

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